Martial Arts Is A Truly Rewarding Experience

We offer classes in a friendly, comfortable atmosphere to meet each child and adult's demands alike.

  • Discipline through focus on the detail
  • Traditional movements and strategies
  • Teach you practical self-defense for any situation

Martial arts has something for everyone

The Martial Arts is truly a satisfying discipline and experience that builds and nurtures character qualities for both children and adults who practice the art and pursue physical exercise coupled with mental and spiritual knowledge in their everyday lives.

Our curriculum includes age-based strategies, exercises, and activities that build valuable skills to lead all students on a journey of self-empowerment and self-discovery.

The art not only develops physical self-defense, it promotes the development of high personal expectations and respect for fellow men and women.


The safety of our students, families, and staff is our top priority.  Things have been challenging for everyone over the past year, and we’ve all had to make sacrifices.  We want to assure you that you will be coming into a cleaner, and safer environment.  In order to achieve this, we have implemented several new safety guidelines:

-Seating in our waiting room has been greatly reduced, to facilitate social distancing.

-All students and staff observe proper distancing during class.  All activities involving physical contact have been suspended.

-Face coverings are required for all students, families, and staff.  Masks can be provided to those who don’t have one.

-All equipment is sanitized between each use.

Your child will learn techniques, both physical and mental, that help them remain focused!

Seavey’s Traditional Martial Arts specializes in the base system of Cerio’s Kenpo as well as other Martial Art Systems when the Kenpo foundation is established.  Students are taught traditional Martial Art techniques with the practical techniques. By teaching the fundamentals alongside present day life situations our students gain a stronger appreciation for the importance of tradition and how that tradition is applied today.  

Grandmaster Craig H. Seavey has Over 40 Years of Professional Teaching Experience in the Martial Arts!

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