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Children & Adult Programs

Private Instruction

Leadership Program

  • Children’s Classes (Young Beginners: 4-6 year olds & Open Beginners: 7-12 year olds)
  • Teenager and Adult Classes Beginners (Ages 13 and Up)
  • Private* Classes (All Ages)
  • Specialty Classes (Close Quarters Self Defense, Women’s Self-Defense & Cardio Kickboxing and Sculpting)
  • Children’s Classes Young Beginners: 4-6 year olds & Open Beginners: 7-12 year olds
    Our base system of Cerio’s Kenpo Jiujitsu Karate provides a fun and diverse learning experience for students. Our character development curriculum extends beyond the Dojo to home and to school with many valuable life lessons. Wherever your child may be in life we help them mentally and physically to prepare them for the many challenges they will face in today’s world. Our classes encourage each child to develop effective communication skills, which ironically happens to be their first and best line of self-defense in many circumstances. By providing an environment that nurtures and influences character development, children learn to take responsibility for their actions, solve problems, gain self-confidence, have a positive attitude, and a greater awareness of self-control over their emotions and temper. Our age appropriate classes, both engages and challenges each child physically. They feel comfortable, confident and more coordinated as they begin to understand their own body’s capabilities. Our instructors use a combination of fun listening, copying and agility drills to develop hand-eye coordination and the ability to be strong to both sides of the body.

    Teenager and Adult Classes Beginners (Ages 13 and Up)
    This class is designed to be inclusive for Teenagers and Adults, both men and women, of all ages and all levels of abilities. Certified instructors enable students to be more aware of their surroundings, by providing real self-defense techniques as well as traditional Martial Arts training. There are many benefits to the class that include: gaining confidence, strength and conditioning, weight loss, improved coordination and flexibility. Martial Arts for many folks, is used as a de-stressor from today’s fast paced and hectic work and/or home environments.

    Private* Classes (All Ages)
    Private classes create a tailored learning environment that teaches strategies and concepts to individuals whose unique needs and capabilities may require a specific learning reference. These classes are offered to all ranks and all ages. They provide a dedicated one on one time with an instructor to enable them to develop their skills more quickly and with greater confidence. Private classes focus on mental and physical exercises, such as reflex and coordination drills that are challenging, but comfortably paced for each individual.

    "Better communication, listening and speaking together are one of the most powerful skills for life."

    This is a dynamic program that is only offered to students who are enrolled in our Private Classes who seek greater leadership roles. This is a life skill program where students learn leadership skills that can be and are applied to many areas of their life. The students learn from their private instructor, how to effectively execute material information in an understandable communicable way to other students. They will learn how to apply that knowledge to students in our group classes. Under the supervision and guidance of the chief instructor, leadership students help assist with the group class and are designated as a “coach”. As the leadership student demonstrates precision with their instructional skill, the head instructor will allow them to help the group class sessions. It is a great opportunity for students who want to coach and a very empowering role as they learn to communicate effectively with individual students as well as small groups of students in a very safe and controlled environment.

    Specialty Classes Close Quarters Self-Defense, Women’s Self-Defense & Cardio Kickboxing and Sculpting

    Close Quarters Self-Defense - For over two decades Law Enforcement and Military personnel have sought out our curriculum to help develop, train, and understand the science of close quarters self defense. Our curriculum is based on a very unique and in-depth understanding of real world circumstances combined with techniques focusing on eight areas of discipline: defense, offense, weapons, multiple assailants, time and distance factors, grappling, levels of force, and state of mind. We successfully teach techniques and concepts with rapid succession by drawing out and expanding on previous Academy and Military training.

    Women’s Self-Defense - This specialty class (typically six weeks long) is an informative hands on class designed for women who would like to learn how to think, react and defend themselves when confronted in a real life situation. Learn what a predator looks for and how to be better prepared to avoid altercations and protect your personal safety.

    Cardio Kickboxing and Sculpting – This class combines some of the endurance drills found in our Martial Arts classes into effective body conditioning and toning workouts. It will make you strong both physically and mentally with its individual and group challenges. It is a fun productive class with loads of encouragement that will keep you motivated to reach your fitness goal. We always welcome newcomers at every fitness level (including long term couch potatoes).