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Character Development with Martial Arts is a great way for individuals to build up the skills and traits necessary to handle the ever-changing life situations they may face on a daily basis in a proactive and self-empowering way. 

Martial Art students learn techniques, both physical and mental, that help them remain focused, think logically, speak  clearly and react effectively under stressful settings at school, at home, or at the workplace.

We incorporate five strict codes of conduct into our children’s program to help students relate to and better understand the impact of their behavior under certain circumstances and situations.  We discuss each conduct frequently in class and use real-life examples.

As students begin to grasp each conduct they gain a greater sense of self-awareness with how they interact with those around them and they naturally strive to become better listeners, thinkers, and communicators as they mature into positive, well-respected and contributing members in the community and in our society.

Martial Arts discipline is truly a very rewarding experience that develops and nurtures positive character traits in all folks who practice the art.  Not only does the art develop physical self-defense it encourages the formation of setting high personal standards and respect for fellow men and women. 

This is a whole body art that uses the mind, the body and the spirit and our students learn to exercise, strengthen and balance each area.

Seavey’s Traditional Martial Arts specializes in the base system of Cerio’s Kenpo as well as other Martial Art Systems when the Kenpo foundation is established.   Students are taught traditional Martial Art techniques with the practical techniques.  By teaching the fundamentals alongside present day life situations our students gain a stronger appreciation for the importance of tradition and how that tradition is applied today. 

Grandmaster Craig H. Seavey has Over 40 Years of Professional Teaching Experience in the Martial Arts!